Azadirachtin, the insecticidal principle of Vashnavi Neem Oil, isolated from the seeds of the tree. Azadirachta Indica is apotent insect growth regulator effective on the larval and nymphal stages in the insect's life circle. it also effectively controls spider mites, eriphid mites, termites, plant nematodes and powdery mildews. it is harmless to adult beneficial insects like honey base, spiders, lady bird beetless etc. being an endocrine disputer, should be applied soon after egg hatching since the early inster and nymphal stages are most susceptible.


Vashnavi Neem Oil, 300,1500 and 3000 PPM are formulated with a specially treated neem oil by removing Azadirachtin destabilizing factors. The Flash point being very high, do not cause fire Hazards or ingestion of harmful solvent vapours during handing and spraying. Vashnavi Neem Oil, 10000 PPM is very safe for the environment. Effectively control Pests : Helicoverpa, Spodotera, Erias, Plutella, Bemesia, nematodes, Grubs, Stem Borers, Powdary Milldew etc. System Function : Tree injection. Vashnavi Neem Oil 10000 & 50000 PPM : 1000 ml once in 3 months, 50 ml each be injected at xylem level from opposite sides.closed.Dosage will vary based on Geo & Agro climatic conditions, crop &soil requirment