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Vaishnavi Bio Tech Limited has been renamed as Vaishnavi Bio-Tech International Limited – VBTIL by Machiraju Vaishnavi who took over the company from old promoters and joined hands with US associates to convert the start-up company as 100% Export Oriented Unit.


Machiraju Vaishnavi is started VBTIL from gross route level as start-up biotech based manufacturing company to produce clean label solution products as SSI (MSME) unit.


Being start-up company, the lady entrepreneur has taken up challenge to lead green field technology-oriented manufacturing unit, based on non-edible grade agricultural commodities by directly sourcing plant-based carbohydrates in-puts to convert Carbohydrates into Glucose for further process for production of various vegan based natural products using state of the art fermentation technology.'


VBTIL mission is to encourage farmers to enhance their income and hence all agriculturally based non edible grade commodities like broken wheat, corn and other in-puts are being purchased directly from farmers (by avoiding brokers).


VBTIL is a Science, Research & Technology driven fermentation-based manufacturing company being led Machiraju Vaishnavi and signed contractual agreements to export plant (vegan) based clean label natural products to North American markets.


Vaishnavi Bio Tech International Limited (100% EoU) – VBTIL., is one of the Asia's largest Industrial Fermentation based company for manufacturing and marketing of clean label, plant (vegan) based natural and non-GMO products such as Nutraceuticals like “Active Bio Pharma & Food Ingredients, Preservatives” and such products are being produced using state of the art fermentation methodologies, using both aerobic and anerobic fermentation processes.


VBTIL (100% EoU) signed licensing agreement with Prathista (www.prathista.com), an India based MNC for transfer of fermentation technology to manufacture Active Bio Pharma & Food Ingredients, Food Preservatives, anti-microbial products as per standards of FSSAI, USFDA, Kosher, Halal and in tune with Global quality standards.


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Machiraju Vaishnavi

DesignationCEO & MD

Career Goals

A lady entrepreneur with Global out-look with extensive student and social leadership experience. Methodical in approach with eagerness to develop the organisation with practical insight towards strategic management, innovation and technology management practices in business.


Liverpool Business School

MBA in Finance (UK)

IMT Ghaziabad, India 2021-2022

Queensland Institute of Technology, Brisbane, Australia

Exchange program

July 2021–December 2021

Aston University, Birmingham, UK

Master’s in Business Economics and Finance


Loyola Academy Degree & PG College, Osmania University, India

Bachelor’s in Commerce

2015- 2018

Professional Experience:

Chief In-charge of Finance & Administration, Prathista Industries Limited – Started with route level experience in dealing with workmen and shift in-charges, Managers and GMs followed by VP’s and gradually became In-charge for Finance & Admin, starting from 2018 and learned even technological aspects at route level.

Worked on aspects such as; understanding the procedure of pay slips and salaries, Employee relation management, Auditing of Accounts, conducting workshops and counselling sessions (work-life balances, regular First-aid, sanity, safe-guarding, environmental issue) and CSR activities and dealing with Global players to understand global requirements and also in business negotiations

TEDx Aston University, UK - (2019-2020)

Member of Internal Experience Team. I was in charge for designing the recruitment and selection process.

Enactus Aston, UK - (2019-2020)

Projects focused on well-being of members of the committee.

Leadership & Volunteer Experience

Head Girl & Student Representative of College - 1 Year

Head of Dance Club - 1 year

Member of Organizing Committee at Loyola Academy - 2 years

Teaching Volunteer - Ongoing


Ms. Machiraju Vaishnavi (24 years) is a Post Graduate in Economic & Commerce from Aston University, UK and having dual MBA with specialisation in Finance from Indian university & Australian university.

Ms. Machiraju Vaishnavi recently took over existing Vaishnavi Bio Tech Limited and converted as “Vaishnavi Bio Tech International Limited” (VBTIL) recently in June 2021.

Ms. Machiraju Vaishnavi has started a “start-up Bio-Tech company” as a lady entrepreneur with capital investment of Rs. 90 Cr ($13 million) and established fermentation manufacturing unit to produce active Bio Pharma & Food Ingredients” as Small-Scale Industry, under MSME. Vaishnavi Bio Tech International Limited is 100% EOU with above 500,000 litres fermentation capacity and will manufacture clean label, Natural and Plant (vegan) based non-GMO active “Bio Pharma and food ingredients” as per GMP, FSSAI, USFDA, Kosher, Halal and with all global certifications.

Ms. Machiraju Vaishnavi is co patent owner along with his Dr MVSS SAIRAM for 8 patents and 6 of them are being patented in 7 globally developed countries like USA, Brazil, Mexico, UK & EU and Australia & New Zealand.

Ms. Machiraju Vaishnavi got opportunity to PR status in UK & USA, but opted to settle in India only as she feels that the potentiality & capabilities of Indians must be useful for India development only and chooses bio technology segment to grow.

The reason being is that many young students still feel that there is no scope for bio technology in India. To encourage such young generation, even though Ms. Machiraju Vaishnavi back ground is economics, commerce & finance, she took challenge to grow in bio technology segment to provide value addition for non-edible grade agricultural commodities to increase farmers income and avoid traders by encouraging farmers to cultivate industry relevance crops to convert plant based carbohydrates into glucose and then do fermentation process to manufacture various active “Bio pharma & food ingredients” for global market requirements.

Though Ms. Machiraju Vaishnavi educational back ground is economics and finance, she has passion in life sciences and has signed few PPP model MoUs with global universities already to promote Science & Technology and also to support youth who are hungry to do something for our nation.

Ms. Machiraju Vaishnavi signed already signed contracts for buy back arrangements with Two US based companies in October 2021.

Ms. Machiraju Vaishnavi wants to be role model for many youths who believes that there is no scope for bio technology or chemical engineers or life sciences subjects.

Ms. Machiraju Vaishnavi signed licensing agreement with Prathista (www.prathista.com), an India based MNC for technology transfer to produce multiple organic salts-based products / anti-microbial products using state of the art fermentation technology to provide value addition to non-edible grade agricultural commodities.

While India’s PMO office is focusing doubling the farmers income by enhancing productivity with natural farming, Vaishnavi Bio Tech International limited will be working in tune with India’s PMO vision to provide Industrial value addition for Agricultural commodities by buying inputs like wheat, corn or any carbohydrates source Agricultural commodities directly from farmers by paying vale for their produce avoiding middleman (so called brokers) but following food security & food safety requirements for growing population in India / Globally.

Ms. Machiraju Vaishnavi thinking and vision is great ahead as to produce anti-microbial products through fermentation technology as lot of food commodities like baking products, meat, cheese / panner and other food items are being spoiled due to fungus / mold and bacterial infections.

Ms. Machiraju Vaishnavi Will serve not only Indian market through Prathista by selling 50% of their production capacity for Prathista to export under their own brand name and will directly export 50% of production capacity as, but mainly focusing on exports as EOU, marketing contracts are already signed with US based companies.

Vaishnavi Bio Tech International Limited, a 100% EoU is situated at Rural area called Vadiya village in Sihor taluk, Bhavnagar district in Potential State of Gujarat in India.

Ms. Machiraju Vaishnavi believes in providing employment for local people for rural area development and ultimately Ms Vaishnavi Bio Tech International Limited will become global company as Ms. Machiraju Vaishnavi just making aggressive steps by creating its subsidiary company in Europe already and gradually set up its subsidiaries in US, Mexico and Brazil as well.

Let the youth of same age may like to follow Ms. Machiraju Vaishnavi vision as educational back ground is nothing to do with passion to grow in any area as attitude makes difference.