CALMAG liquid / grnule is a complete plant nutritional product.


CALMAG contains bio-available Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, Managanese, Ferrous, Copper, Boron & all other micro-nutrients in organic form.


CALMAG is easily &readily absorbable by all crops / plants and helps in increasing the size of fruits and gives higher yealds.


CALMAG is a supplement / substitute for presently available chemical / inorganic fertilizers like can / any other Calcium based fertilizers.




CALMAG granuels are available in 10Kgs packing and the normal dosage of CALMAG granules is 25-30 Kgs per acre.


CALMAG is also available in liqid form &should be sprayed @ 2-3 ml. per ltr. of water based....requirment to make various Nutrients readily available to crop/plants.


CALMAG strongly recommended to use /spray.


CALMAG mix WONDER @ 3-4 ml per ltr. of water, for substantially increasing farm productivity with EXPORT QUALITY.




CALMAG liquid is available in 250ml, 500ml, 1ltr.& 5 ltr. packing and normal dosage is 3-4 ml per ltr. of water as foliar/fertigation/drip application.

Dosage will vary based on Geo & Agro climatic conditions, crop &soil requirment