CLG- Liquid Feed Suppliment (Poultry)


DESCRIPTION : Specially Formulated CLG –LIQUID FEED SUPPLEMENT for better absorption of Calcium for Layers / Growers / Breeders for better quality & quantity Egg production, CLG LIQUID FEED SUPPLEMENT is totally Bio-available and completely water soluble formulation and is being made available for the first time in India.


CLG LIQUID FEED SUPPLEMENT formulation contains Calcium Lactate Gluconate as a source of Calcium & Energy driven Glucose with an ideal combination of essential chelated ingredients like Magnesium, Phosphorous & Vitamin D3. It also contains carbohydrates, electrolytes, amino acids and other essential minerals.



  • It increase egg production.
  • It substantially reduces Egg breakage and reduces thin shelled eggs.
  • It helps to prevent canabolism. It will help to produce strong and top quality Egg shell.
  • It cures Rickets and Osteomalacia and corrects Hypocalcemia.
  • It improves skeletal growth.
  • It effectively combats the summer stress.
  • It builds up resistance and improves feed utilization.
  • It will also work as probiotics.


DOSAGE: 100 ml. for 100 birds per day, to be mixed with water from 16th week till the end of the laying cycle.


PACKING: The formulation is available in 5 litre packing’s in outer box of 10 liters.


EXPIRY: 5 years if stored in dry and cool places.