Lactate Technology Products & Use

Lactic Acid is a natural organic acid with a long history in the food, leather, wood-dyeing and cosmetic industries. Long before it became commercially available. It was formed by natural fermentation in products such as cheese, yogurt, soy sauce, meat products, pickled vegetables, beer and wine. Animal and human bodies also produce significant amount of lactic acid during daily activities such as walking and running. Today, Lactic Acid and its salts like Calcium Lactate and Sodium Lactate are extensively used in food, industrial, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Lactic Acid, Calcium Lactate and Sodium Lactate are available as per IP / BP / USP specifications. Food grade Lactic Acid is also available.
In sugar confectionery, it is used in continuous production line for high boiled sweets to make perfectly clear sweets with minimum sugar inversion and with no air trapped.
In bakery products it is used for direct acidification of bread. It increases butter stability and volume.
To produce a mild and pleasant taste to acid pickles, relishes and salad dressings. Lactic Acid suppresses Coliform and Mesentericur group of bacteria. Also used in jams, jellies, frozen fruit desserts.
In dairy products such as cottage cheese, addition of lactic acid is preferred to fermentation. Also used in imitation dairy products such as cheese and yoghurt powder.
Lactic Acid is widely used in preserving fruits like firmness of apple slices during processing and it also inhabitates discoloration of fruits and some vegetables.
Use of buffered lactic acid improves the taste and flavour of many beverage, such as soft drinks, mineral water, carbonated fruit juices.
In breweries lactic acid is used for pre-adjustments during the mashing process and during wort cooking. Acidification with Lactic Acid of lager beer improves the microbial stability as well as flavour.
It is also used in processing of meal in sauces for canned fish, to improve the taste and flavours and to relive the unpleasant amine flavour from fish meal for incorporation into bread.
Lactic acid is used as pH regulator in pharma products.
It is suitable as a starting material in the synthesis of chiral products e.g. herbicides or pharmaceuticals. It is also used as a monomer for polylactides, a new generation of Bio-degradable polymers.
It is used in many decalcification products such as cleaners for toilets, bathrooms and coffee machines. It possesses anti-microbial properties.
Lactic Acid is used in Nickel plating processes because of its unique complexing constant for Nickel. It simultaneously acts as pH buffer and stabilizer for the bath.
CALCIUM LACTATE IP / BP / USP / EP & Feed / Technical Grades
The company's in-house R&D has developed first of its kind Anaerobic fermentation based process technology based on imported culture / strain to produce Calcium Lactate and the technology was commercialized on 300 Thousand Liters fermentation facilities.
It is the preferred choice in preparation for calcium deficiency therapy, since it is a calcium salt with high solubility and bio-availability.
It is an excellent calcium source in tablet making by pharma industry. Besides the powdered form, granular forms are also available for the direct compression of calcium lactate into tablets.
Calcium Lactate is used to fortify milk and fermented dairy drinks.
Calcium Lactate enriches products such as sport and health drinks, fruit juices, diet foods and infant formulas and improves bio-availability.
It is used as anti-tartar agent in many oral care products such as toothpaste and mouthwash.


(A salt of organic acid)


Calcium salt of Lactic acid is called Cheese Lactate and manufactured using eco-friendly fermentation technology and is certified as Organic product by Indian organic certifying agencies and also OMRI of USA for the first time in the Globe.

This Organic salt is widely used all over the World for the production of Cheese, Paneer and other allied milk proteins.

Method of application:  

Heat milk up to around 850c- 900c and add tea spoon of Organic Cheese Lactate (around 5 gm per liter of milk) powder / flakes / granules and stir for a while till you observe coagulation process is completed (Cheese / Paneer lumps is separated from Milk).

This process is also called “Separation of milk protein from the milk”.

Filter the Cheese or Paneer and clear solution may be consumed by ladies with tea spoon of sugar for better health.


Use 5-6 gm (0.50% or less than tea spoon) of Organic Cheese lactate per liter of milk.

Why Cheese Lactate:

To enhance CHEESE Quality & Quantity

This organic Cheese Lactate is produced through fermentation Carbohydrates into Organic acid - Lactic acid.

Organic Cheese Lactates is very effective and provides Excellent texture to the Cheese / Paneer (Milk Proteins).

Organic Cheese Lactate maintains neutral pH of the Cheese / Paneer to facilitate easy acceptance by the body and thus bio available to the Human Body.

Organic Cheese Lactate provides value addition to the Cheese / Paneer with enriched Organic Calcium and thus increasing Nutritional value for Cheese / Paneer.

Organic Cheese lactate may enhance shelf life of Cheese / Paneer, as it is manufactured based on Weak Organic Acid – Lactic acid which basic application is to enhance shelf life of foods / Beverages and also all kinds of feeds.

Bengal States have already demonstrated using Organic Cheese Lactate to manufacture traditional sweet of Rasagolla (Indian delicious sweet) since decades.

Prathista can organize Organic Certification for Organic Cheese for better market and acceptability in consumer segment, considering in-puts used for Cattle feed manufacturing.

It is used as an electrolyte in many I.V. solutions intended for fluid or electrolyte replenishment.
It is used in Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD) solution for nephoric patients and in dialysis solutions for conventional artificial kidney machines.
Sodium Lactate is used extensively by the processed meat to give products an extended shelf life and enhanced flavour and to provide better control of food borne pathogenic bacteria.
It is used as a moisturizer in all kinds of toiletery products such as shower gels, bar soaps, after - shave lotions and as a pH regulator in liquid soaps and shampoos. Moreover, the addition of this in bar soaps reduces water loss during storage, thus reducing the risk of brittleness and cracks.
Based on market requirements, the company can supply any salt as per the details provided the chart. We can also provide combination of salts for Pharma & Food, Veterinary and Agricultural segments - either in the form of formulation or combination of different salts, as per customer requirements.

Packing & Storage
The mode of packing may be changed as per customer requirements on request.
These products have to be stored in cool dry environment, away from sunlight to ensure shelf life of 2 - 3 years.
Spray dried Calcium Lactate Monohydrate is also available for Exports & Domestic markets.