MIRACLE (Botanical Crop Protectors)

MIRACLE is a Botanical Crop Protectors (not in any Act) available in liquid form based on plants extracts mixture of neem, karanj, Mustard, Aloevera, Chillies, Garlic etc. intended for application as a preventive and curative agent to protect from various possible pest attack. MIRACLE have established to control pests like moth. Whiteflies, Aphids, Thrips, Mites, Beatles, Hoopers, Root-grabs etc. MIRACLE being Organic & botanical in nature, the spray not only protects crop/plant from pests, but also allow the crop/plant to grow healthier.


it is highly recommended to use MIRACLE along with WONDER for better results.




MIRACLE liquid is available in 1000ml, 250ml,500ml, 1ltr.& 5 ltr. packing and normal dosage is 3-4 ml per ltr. of water as foliar application.


Dosage will vary based on Geo & Agro climatic conditions, crop &soil requirmen