Natural Mold Inhibitors

Clean label and Non-GMO Fermented Flours “Natural Mold Inhibitors”

Fermented and cultured flours are ‘Natural Mold inhibitors” that increases flavor, taste and more importantly create the extended shelf-life needed by the modern baker. These fermented mold inhibitors function in just about every dough system including Bread, Donuts, Cookies, Cakes, Biscuits, Bagel, Buns, Pizza crust, Pies, Croissants, just to name a few.

Fermented Flour Delivers the Functionality Needed for Extended, Mold Free Shelf Life in Bakery and Other Food Systems

Through superior fermentation techniques and state of the art filtration, Vaishnavi Bio Tech International Limited (100% EoU) has created the best Natural Mold Inhibitor.  

Vaishnavi Bio Tech International Limited (100% EoU) fermented corn and wheat flours are manufactured with Non-GMO inputs utilizing an environmentally friendly fermentation process as opposed to the current industry standard petro chemical produced Calcium Propionate.

UNIQUE ADVANTAGES – Fermented Wheat / Corn Flour as Natural Mold inhibitors
1. Natural Mold Inhibitors with use levels as low as 0.5% on flour weight
2. Better Dispersion throughout the food matrix
3. Clean flavor
4. No effect on leavening action of baking powder
5. Reduces the consumption of yeast
6. Easy to handle.
7. Enhances Shelf life.
8. Environmental Friendly & Natural.    

APPLICATIONS – Vaishnavi Bio Tech International Limited (100% EoU) Fermented Flours are used for the control of mold over time.  Mold free shelf life can be extended past 20 days dependent on formula.

Vaishnavi Bio Tech International Limited (100% EoU) Fermented Wheat and Corn Flours have been certified for use in organic products in both the EU and the United States as per NOP standards.
Additional fermentation inputs such as rice flour is a possibility, dependent on customer requirements.  

Fermented flour is available in 20 kg bags packed 500 kg (20 kg x 25 bags) per pallet.