ORG MAGNESIUM is 100% Replacement for presently available chelated ORG MAGNESIUM or chemical in organic fertilizers like Org-MAGNESIUM Sulphates/any other farm of Org-MAGNESIUM fertilizers. CROPS : Org-MAGNESIUM deficiency is normally found in Cotton ,corn,small Grains, vagitables, fruits, nut trees, coconut trees, Creal crops, Plantation crops and all other variety of crops.


Bio-Magnesium liquid is for Foliar Application : Org-MAGNESIUM liquid available 20 250ml, 500mk, and 1ltr packs dosage 3-4,l per ltr. of waret. drip irrigation : 1.5 to 2 ltr. per acre. Soil Application : Org-MAGNESIUM granuels Contains 4-5% Organic MAGNESIUM along with Sulphar, which is totally bio available and easily % readily absorbable form for all crops/plants Org-MAGNESIUM method of Application : PACKING & DOSAGE : Org-MAGNESIUM granuels are available in 10-25 kgs packing and the normal dosage of org-Megnisium granuels is 10-25 kgs, per based on Megnisium deficiancy.


Dosage will vary based on Geo & Agro climatic conditions, crop &soil requirment.