ORG SULPHUR (Unique Formulation)

ORG SULPHUR (25-27%- on dry basis) liquid formulation for foliar / fertigation applocation is developed and launched for quick availability of Sulphar to all Crops to address deficiancy at rapid speed. liquid formulation is available in 250 ml /500 ml/ 1&5ltr. packings. this liquid formula can also be supplied in 220lts bulk packing and it is recomended to apply 3-4 ml per ltr. of water as foliar spray.


Dosage :


Based on research conducted ,ORG SULPHUR is recommended to apply 10kgs to apply 10 kgs per acre for all crops. in case of oil seeds & pulses , it is recomended to apply 20 kgs per acre & in case of tuber crops and for Sugar cane , it is recommended to apply 25 kgs per acre.


Dosage of ORG SULPHUR may vary crop to crop based on defeciancy symptoms& vary based on Geo & Agro climatic conditions, crop &soil requirment.