WONDER (Organic plant Growth Enhancers)

WONDER is vegitable /Cereal Protien based Protein Hydrolysate, contains 25 amino acids and formulated with seaweed extracts, humic acid Fluvic acid along with Organic micro-nutrients & trace elements. WONDER is a complete formulation for better crop / plant growth .and formulation in such a way that, the product will provide extra productivity under various Agro & Geo climatic conditions. WONDER are being formulated for both basal / soil applications & also for Foliar spray, as per the Following details.




WONDER granuels are available in 5 & 30Kgs and also in bulk packing and the normal dosage of WONDER granules is 5-10 Kgs per acre. WONDER is available liquid form alsowhoch is totally water soluble and should be sprayed @ 3-4 ml per ltr. of water based on crop requirment to meet nutrients requirment at different stages of crop/plants.


Dosage will vary based on Geo & Agro climatic conditions, crop &soil requirment.